best flash for macro photography

Best flash for macro photography

Hello my wonderful readers, how are you today? In this article, I will review the best flash for macro photography to help you take the best photos.

Camera flashes are great in low light situations to illuminate the subject. But sometimes, your images could end up with unwanted shadows or strong aberrations. This is why natural light is much preferred by most photographers.

As we don’t have natural light all the time, we have to find alternatives to compensate for lighting which creates nice illuminations in photos. So, let’s see which flashes are great for macro photography.

Best flash for macro photography

There are three types of camera flashes, dual flash, ring flash, and Speedlite flash which you will see them below.

1. Neewer R-160 160 Pieces 5600K 10W Mini LED Macro Ring Light

best flash for macro photography

The Neewer mini led is a great starting flash kit for beginners. With the 160 led lights incorporated you will be sure that the subject will be illuminated properly.

The included adapters fit very well with the lens. When you mount the flash on the lens, make sure you fix the adapter on the flash unit first and then mount the flash on the lens.


– Images well illuminated

– Possibility to adjust brightness

– Very well fixed to the lens

– Multi-mountable

– Lightweight and easy to carry


– When turned on, it flashes a bit brightly for a fraction of a second until the electronic regulator stabilizes

2. Godox TT685C E-TTL 2.4G GN60 High-Speed Sync 1/8000s Wireless Master Slave Camera Flash

best flash for macro photography

The Godox TT685C Speedlite uses the X radio wireless system that can work at a range of up to 100mm.

It has a nice clean and easy to navigate menu system which you can pick up easily as a beginner too.

The buttons are easy to press and responsive, and also the rotary dial is easy to turn to select your desired options.


– Offers a lot of functionalities

– Provides a zoom range of 20-200mm

– Very lightweight and robust


– The 360-degree range of motion may dislodge the Speedlite from the hot-shoe

For Canon Cameras

For Sony Cameras

For Nikon Cameras

For Olympus Cameras

3. Canon Macro Twin Lite Mt-26EX-RT Camera Flash

best flash for macro photography

This dual flash is an expensive one, but if your willing to invest in quality images then you should go for this one.

The Macro Twin Lite Mt-26EX-RT Camera Flash is compatible with all EOS DSLR cameras. Provides amazing three-dimensional lighting due to the two rotatable and detachable flash heads.

You can set up multiple lighting sources easily thanks to the wireless radio transmission. Like, positioning the light coming out of the two flashes.

With this dual flash, you can create a mini studio that illuminates your subject properly.


– Flash heads can be controlled independently

– New LCD screen

– Smart and redesigned controls

– Eliminates strong shadows by controlling the position of the heads

– High speed sync


– It’s a bit bulky

– Pricey

– Doesn’t come with adapters

4. MEIKE MT 24II-C 2.4 Wireless Macro Twin Flash Lite

best flash for macro photography

The Meike MT 24II-C flash works well and opens possibilities and simplifies the process enormously.

You can rotate the flash heads and point closer or further from your subject to achieve the best exposure. The flash trigger attaches very well to the hot shoe mount.

Each flash has built-in bright LED’s which you can turn on or off. This function is useful when you want to compose and focus your shot.


– You can control the flash heads individually from the flash trigger

– Portable and stealthy

– A variety of functions

– Easy to use


– Sometimes the recycle time could reach 3-5 seconds

– Batteries may drain faster than expected

5. YongNuo YN-14EX TTL Macro Ring Lite for Canon

best flash for macro photography

The YongNuo YN-14EX TTL Macro Ring Lite is a cheap and great alternative to other expensive Canon ring flashes.

Supports in-camera flash settings such as flash exposure bracketing, modeling light functions, flash exposure lock and exposure compensation.

The twin tube allows you to control each side to different power ratios, enabling higher contrast lighting when desired.


– Easy to navigate the menu system

– Supports master TTL flash

– High speed recycling system

– Automatically saves your settings

– LED AF assist light


– Battery holder may break if you let the batteries in the device

– Auto-focus may not work

Bottom line for the best flash for macro photography

To take well lit and exposed images you must have one of these flashes in your bag. Taking pictures with the standard camera flash often times casts shadows on the subjects.

You can find cheap flash units, no need to break the bank to buy the most expensive ones. To be honest the expensive ones have more advanced features than the cheap ones. But, you can get the most out of the cheap ones too.

If you have any questions, please drop them below and I will respond as soon as possible. Be safe and take care.

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