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composition in macro photography

Composition in macro photography

Hey there my awesome readers, hope you are doing well. In this article I will talk about composition in macro photography and why is important to know how to compose your images. Without composition, your images will lack power and attraction. Your viewers will immediately jump away from your image. Composition is tricky, and the …

what is depth in photography

What is depth in photography

Hey there everyone, how are you today? In today’s article I will talk about what is depth in photography and how to understand and control it. Depth of field plays an important role in your photos, especially when you want your subject to stand out. By taking pictures, you want to attract your viewers attention …

About Me

Hello and welcome on my website. Quote:  “A camera is only an equipment, it’s all about passion, creativity and respect which creates a successful photography” My Story My name is Nagy Roberta and I’m a self taught photographer, more precisely in macro photography. Macro in photography terms stands for magnifying small objects, insects and so …

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