Christmas macro photography

Christmas macro photography

Hello my awesome readers, how are you today? In this article, I will show you some Christmas macro photography ideas you can create at home while you decorate the Christmas tree.

Christmas is around the corner, and you’re preparing and arranging everything for this important holiday. Maybe you’ve already decorated your Christmas tree and the only thing is to wait to celebrate these important days while listening to carols. I love that feeling of joy when everything is illuminated and the Christmas carols playing in the background.

As you go through the decoration when you’re preparing the Christmas tree, those will give you some cute ideas for shooting macro photos. Of course, this will add some extra time in finishing the Christmas tree, but if you love taking macro, is worth spending that extra time on taking the pictures. Below are 15 inspirational ideas for taking Christmas macro photography.

15 Christmas macro photography ideas

What is great in macro photography is that you don’t only take an image of a subject up close. You can also take abstract macro images by getting really really close to your subjects. But first, let’s start with macro images.

Macro images on ornaments

1. Christmas scene

Christmas macro photography

You can create different scenes that relate to Christmas. For example, in the image above, is the Nativity scene in front of the Christmas tree.

Other great ideas for scenes are a family reunion around the Christmas tree or kids ripping the Christmas presents. You only have to find some props and put your creativity into action. Position them in a way that looks attractive and cute.

2. Close up on ornaments

Christmas macro photography

When you take pictures of ornaments from the tree, this can overload the image. But, if you position them well, you create awesome and attractive macro photos out of ornaments hanging from the tree. It’s all about composition.

Try to illuminate the ornament and arrange the other ornaments to blend in the frame. In the above image is a heart ornament, hanging, with other ornaments beside. By their position, it blends very well in the image, and the viewer’s eyes are drawn first on the heart ornament, which is the main subject in the image.

3. Hanging ornaments

Christmas macro photography

You can create cool and simple images with hanging ornaments. Use the rule of thirds to position them in the frame.

Will give a minimal look to your images by letting all that negative space in the frame. Try with different ornaments or a Christmas cane on a white background.

4. Christmas ambient lights

Christmas macro photography

Another great idea is to use lights in your images. You can create an ambient scene or include just the lights in the frame, like in the image above.

This image was shot with the standard lens at 1/60 shutter speed, 200 ISO, and an aperture of f/8, without flash, only natural light. The image is slightly underexposed and in combination with the yellow lights, it gives an ambient look to the image.

5. Pattern image with colorful beads

Christmas macro photography

Combine several beads with different colors to create a pattern image. Fill the entire frame with the beads.

You can also become more creative with beads by creating different shapes out of them.

6. Floating globes

Christmas macro photography

To create images with floating globes you will have to set the camera to a fast shutter speed, 1/125 would be enough and use flash to create the black background. Hang the globe somewhere, where is nothing behind it.

These images are emphasizing the subject more than a white background and create the look of singularity.

7. Beads and tinsels

Christmas macro photography

Here is another idea with beads included in your images. But this time, combine it with tinsels or Christmas lights.

As you can see in the image above, there are beads coiled on silver tinsel. You can create awesome postcard images out of them, again, use the rule of thirds to position them in the points of interest to create visual attraction.

8. Beads in extreme close up

Christmas macro photography

To create more awesome images out of ornaments, you have to get really close to them. For this, you will have to use either a set of extension tubes or a dedicated macro lens.

Position them diagonally in the frame and for the background put something related to Christmas, a tree twig, lights, or the colors of Christmas. This will give a cute look to your images when the background becomes blurry.

9. Use focus stacking for sharper images

To make your subjects sharper in the images, use focus stacking instead of increasing the aperture number. When you increase the number, your images will come out blurrier because of lens diffraction created by a small aperture. This will be visible only when you zoom in on the image.

Focus stacking is when you take several images of the same subject in the same position with different focal points and later on, layer them into a single image in an editor like Photoshop.

>>>>Learn more about focus stacking<<<<

Abstract Christmas macro photography

As I said earlier, you can create even more awesome and interesting images when getting really really close to your subjects. You will only need an extension tube or a macro lens and a flash diffuser if needed. Here are some awesome ideas for creating abstract images from ornaments.

10. Abstract tinsel tittles

Christmas macro photography

Tinsels are shiny foils cut meticulously to create those thin tittles. And when you use the flash only, can reflect the light and the image will come out too bright. To avoid this, use the flash diffuser.

To create interesting abstract images out of tinsels, position the tittles in the frame in a way that will attract the viewer’s eyes.

11. Bokeh background images

Christmas macro photography

The oldy but goldy bokeh background will never get outdated. Whether is seasonal or only simple street lights.

To create a bokeh background out of Christmas lights, turn the focus ring to the max to defocus the image entirely and create the colorful dots.

12. Lit ornaments

Christmas macro photography

In the image above is a transparent star ornament with different colors. To create this kind of image, take a transparent ornament and place it in front of the Christmas lights to reflect the colors. Do not use flash. Below is another image with transparent beads in front of a Christmas light.

Christmas macro photography

13. Globe abstract pattern image

Christmas macro photography

The image above is a pattern from a globe in extreme close up. To create this kind of image, take an ornamental globe that has different shapes on it. Take the images from different positions to create multiple pattern shapes.

14. Glitter pattern images

Christmas macro photography

Another great idea to create abstract macro images is to include glitter. You either take a globe with glitters on it or sprinkle some on a paper and use a flash diffuser.

To add a little more awesomeness to the image, place colorful lights above the glitter to create light reflections.

15. Don’t use flash around Christmas lights

When you take pictures around Christmas lights the best advice is to do not use flash. Why? Below is the explanation.

The brightness from the flash interacting with the lights will create more brightness in the image, and thus will diminish the Christmas lights.

Same with glitter, glitters are shiny little foils, and if you use the flash only when you take the image, the glitters will reflect the lighting and will create more brightness in the image. Here you either use a flash diffuser or don’t use flash at all.

Summing up

Christmas is the most important holiday because we celebrate the birth of Jesus. This is why we should feel every bit of celebration even if we take some pictures of something related to Christmas.

Drop your questions below and I will respond and help you as soon as possible. Be safe and take care. Merry Christmas.

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