Kitchen macro photography ideas

Kitchen macro photography ideas

Hello, there my awesome readers, how are you today? In this article, I will show you some kitchen macro photography ideas you can do with ordinary utensils.

When it comes to macro photography there are numerous subjects you can shoot. It is hard but also outstanding at the same time as you can get very creative with a particular subject. From one subject you can create several images as you get closer and closer (extreme macro).

Macro photography doesn’t rely only on flowers, insects, plants, etc. For many people, the kitchen is the last thing they think about when it comes to photography. This is why I listed these awesome ideas for you to try out and extend your macro portfolio. And also you don’t have to be in a studio to take professional pictures of utensils. You will need good lighting and some equipment.

Necessary equipment

To shoot some utensils you will need minimal equipment. A good lighting, extension tubes or macro lens, a backdrop, or acrylic board for reflection. You can find these types of equipment on amazon at a very low price besides the lens, they are a little expensive.

Lighting for macro

Macro lens

Black backdrop

Acrylic reflective table

Extension tubes

10 Kitchen macro photography ideas

  1. Kitchen fork

You can get very creative with forks, combine two forks to create an abstract or minimal look to the image, just like in the left photo. Or shoot in extreme macro the shapes of the forks diagonally.

Another great idea with forks is to put three or four side by side on an acrylic reflective table. It will give a minimal look as the image will come out with reflection and black and white.

2. Cheese grater

Graters are not only used for cheese or other types of solid foods. You can create awesome pattern images out of the ordinary cheese grater. Just put your imagination in action.

3. Honey dipper

Honey dippers also create a great composition. Just place it more on one of the corners to create a negative space. You can also dip it in honey and take the picture while the honey drips.

4. Whisk

If you look deeper in your kitchen you will find out that also with whisks you can create awesome abstract macro images. Whisks have those weird shapes on top which will give you some great ideas.

5. Corkscrew tip

Take awesome abstract images with corkscrews. Dim the light or take the image underexposed.

6. Strainers

kitchen macro photography ideas

You can create great pattern images out of different strainer sizes.

7. Kitchen palette

Kitchen palettes are great to create minimal images. Just place them in different positions and put your creativity in action.

8. Peeler

Getting really close to a peeler you can take stunning abstract images that looks out of the ordinary.

9. Fork and tablespoon

Create artistic images by putting two or multiple utensils on top of each other. Create different shapes to give a minimal look to your images.

10. Utensil shadow

Take photos of utensil silhouettes by putting the light in front of the utensil and taking the photo from the back of the lighting. This way you will be able to take the photo without interfering with light.

Bottom line

These funny ideas will definitely make your portfolio look stunning and professional. I will repeat myself again, just put your creativity in action, use some accessories and you will be able to make your own mini studio at home.

If you have any, drop your questions below. Be safe and take care.

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