What is camera resolution

Hi my awesome readers, how are you today? In this article, I will clarify what is camera resolution and how different resolutions affect the images.

If you have seen cameras with 20MP or 40MP maybe you have wondered what those mega-pixels exactly mean. This sometimes can be tricky and confusing when you first enter the digital photography world.

Often we know that higher resolutions mean higher quality, but there are more features to take into consideration. So, let’s see the exact definition of camera resolution.

What is camera resolution?

Camera resolution shows us how much detail can a camera provide. The higher the resolution the greater the details in an image. Resolution in photography means spatial resolution. This is the technical term.

Resolution also refers to how textured, blurry or grainy the image will be when enlarged.

If you zoom in on an image you will notice some tiny squares. Those are the pixels that create the image. And also called mega-pixels.

These tiny pixels are light-sensitive, when you take a picture, each pixel captures brightness, color, and quality.

Sensor and pixel size

Sensor size matters if you want detailed images. A big sensor has more blocks of pixels. Meaning that, will capture more brightness and color.

What affects the most

Cropping: A high resolution gives you the option to crop your images more without losing quality.

For example, if you want to take a picture of a flower and other subjects enter the frame, you can crop the image without losing too many pixels from the image.

Most photographers avoid heavy cropping so as not to lose image quality.

Print size: More resolution allows you to print images on large canvases. Large prints are created by adding a certain number of pixels per inch (PPI or DPI). So, if you want to print your awesome images on a canvas, get a camera with high mega-pixels.

Bottom Line

So, the bottom line is, a higher resolution will give you the freedom to resize crop or enlarge your images without losing much quality.

But also more megapixels, as I said above, captures more details and will show your flaws too in the images. So, you have to be careful when you shoot with high MP cameras.

Leave your questions below and I will be more than happy to help you. Be safe and take care.

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