what is visual weight in photography

What is visual weight in photography

Hello my awesome readers, hope you are doing well. This article will cover what is visual weight in photography. And how to create stunning photos with visual weight.

To create a successful image that attracts the viewer’s eyes, there are some things you should take into consideration like composition and visual weight. This refers to every photography genre.

Adding weight to your images will make your subjects stand out and create visual attraction for your viewers.

What is visual weight in photography?

Visual weight is when you make your subject stand out by emphasizing it through color, size, text, and contrast. It is an element that draws attention to the eyes.

Imagine looking at the sky and a plane enters the frame. What will be the first thing that draws your attention? Exactly, the plane. This is because the colors of the plane have more contrast than the blue sky.

Taking images with visual weight adds balance to the particular picture. It is part of the composition. In macro photography, it’s easier to implement visual weight because you only focus on a specific subject. Now let’s see some examples with visual weight.

How to create images with visual weight?

Like I said above you have to emphasize the subject. So, here are some examples of how can you take images with visual weight.

What is visual weight in photography
Pink Rose

In this image with the pink rose everything in the background is blurred out and only the rose is standing out. This makes the viewer’s eyes see the rose first even that there are other elements in the background. This adds visual weight as a contrast.

Red Gloxinia

The image above with the gloxinia flower, if you look at it, the first thing that catches your eyes is the flower. This is because it adds weight as color to the main subject.


The image above is not related to macro photography but is a great example of visual weight as size. The first objects that draw your attention are the buildings and only after that the plane and sky.


In the image above is a close-up of a heart-shaped object. The main focus is the text which creates the visual weight in the image.

As you can see a successful image have to be well balanced and the subjects well positioned in the frame to draw attention.

Visual weight in photography summary

In every photography genre is important to make the subject stand out. It has to be either through composition or visual weight.

When you take photos of a specific subject make sure is well balanced and positioned. You can also add visual weight as orientation, texture, negative space, isolation, position, or quantity. This depends on what pictures you take. In macro photography, we mostly rely on contrast and color.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them below, and I will be more than happy to help you. Be safe and take care.

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